Getting to know me


Thank you for taking the time to look through my website.  I would love to tell you a little about myself.

I am a Christian and thank my GOD daily for the many blessings he has given me.  I was raised in Columbia, SC by parents that I love. I thank them for bringing me up to value people and good morals.I was always taught to treat people in the way that you would like for them to treat you.    This has proven to be a very good philosophy in my daily walk.   I married a man that I still consider as my best friend and companion and have been married for 37 years.  We have 3 children that we are very proud of and all of their accomplishments.  I have 8 grandchildren that I love dearly and love to spending time with them.  As an agent I am afforded time to spend with them.

I worked at a residential construction company for 21 years.  Working with a residential builder has helped me to be a very successful agent because I know about the building process and what to look for in viewing homes.  I made a leap of faith and quit my full time job because I truly love to work with people. I love helping them buy or sell their dream home.

I know how to get my clients the best price for their homes whether buying or selling.  Please allow me give you an example:  I had a home that the appraiser valued at $30,000 below what we were selling. I persuaded my client that we could get more than appraised value on their home.  In the end, we sold it for $25,000 more than appraised value and in less than 2 months closed it!  I work very hard for my clients and it pays off!   I have never had a negative review from any of my clients.  Word of mouth is the best advertisement that I can get, therefore,  I better do my job to the best of my ability.

Thank you,

Gail Lee

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